Life on the Assembly Line

Since Ford’s invention of the assembly line, a lot has changed, and a lot has remained the same. Smarter and more efficient productivity are always an asset to the assembly line, but since machines don’t build machines, there needs to be that added human element. Ford workers found their ‘Happy Seat’ on the assembly line, with improved ergonomics to improve health conditions for all workers. A team of occupational therapists designed the ‘Happy Seat’ as a swivel chair attached to their work station, significantly reducing awkward positions that are detrimental to the health of the aging workers.

“It’s called the Happy Seat for a good reason – it makes a tough job easier for workers in our plants,” says Eilis Carey, a senior ergonomist for Ford of Europe. “Operations which previously required awkward postures to be maintained for prolonged periods can now be performed in a seated position with adequate lumbar support.” A happy work force is essential. Creating a safe and healthy work environment makes people want to work at their best, making Ford that much ahead of the game.


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